Hey gang! Sorry I haven’t been around! I haven’t been on Neo in over a month so I don’t really feel like I have much to contribute!

I’ve mostly been over on my video game blog, http://mrs-trevor-philips.tumblr.com. If you wanna follow, that would be neato, but if not, I shall be back here soon enough!

Hope you all have happy holidays!

I’m disgusted with myself. I’ve been on the Trevor Philips and Steven Ogg tags all day. Send help.

Anybody playing/played GTAV? Wanna obsess over Trevor Philips with me? Sorry, Neo, I’m in love.


When our lips touch, I swear I can taste the next 60 years of my life.


Rudy Francisco (via englishjakes)

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"Before our skin met
I dreamt of how it would feel
pressed close against mine."

Can I bitch about my sister for a second? I don’t really have anywhere else to write about this, but she can be such a fucking brat, I swear.

Like, I do so much shit for her, and she won’t even let me borrow her car for a MEETING FOR WORK. One that I HAVE TO attend.

I had to drive her ass everywhere for five fucking years. To school, to work, to friend’s houses, etc. and now when I need help she doesn’t even give a shit. “Your problem,” she says to me.

Just. Whatever. Fucking asshole.

Random (Follower) Giveaway Time!


Hi. I’m getting a little bored of Neo so have some of my things. :)

One sip of this potion is sure to transform any Neopet into an Eventide Tonu.<—- First Prize!
Transform your dull Neopet into a beautiful Striped Ixi with this magical potion.<—-Second Prize!

Take this magical paint brush to the Rainbow Pool and you can transform your pet into an outstanding orange colour.<——Third Prize!


-Must be following me (it is a follower giveaway, derp)

-One like and one reblog per person

-Please put ‘giveaway’ as a tag in case people block

Names will be drawn using a random number generator :)

Deadline is December 1st!

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Vote for Ol?

Hey guys? Any last minute votes would be loved! <3

draikess said: OMGOSH, people were beginning to wonder where you went!! *hugs* We missed you!

Seriously!? Aw, I didn’t realize!! ;-; That makes me feel so loved! <3